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Everything will be all right...

...so long as we're together.

A Flourite Twins Gen Community
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This is a fan community dedicated to the twins of CLAMP'S Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles; Fai and Yuui (more commonly known as Fai D. Flowrite). This is a gen community, so we encourage gen pics, fic and icons, but we're an open bunch. I'm going to ask that we stay on-topic concerning the twins. Oh, and a major spoiler warning for chapter 155 and above. And above all, let's be nice and fun and kind to our fellow fans. Now let's go share the twinnish love~! <3

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Have a problem? Please contact a friendly moderator. We don't bite. <3 And now for the fun parts; the rules. On-topic posts please. Lj-cut anything that is extremely image-heavy, long or spoilerish. Use your common sense, please. Play nice with fellow fans. Flaming and/or trolling gets you banned, and I don't like banning people, so I'd really rather not have to deal with that. And use proper English when posting. Occasional typos are completely understandable. TyPINg lyKE tHIS iz N07. Have fun~


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